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              Location: The company is located in the Yangtze Delta, close to Shanghai, Wuxi and Nanjing. The Jiangyin Bridge and Xinchang Railway pass by the company. The geographical location is excellent, have a great convenience of water and land transpoart.

              Reputation: The company has a history of more than 20 years and has always been the top manufacture company in the industry of the city. The company has set up a strict quality control system. Its products have won good quality certificate of the province and city respectively and passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification in 2002.

              Products: The main products of the company are: the steel cable products, rigging series and fishing net series, the steel cable products covering zinc- coated, aviation, copper- coated, stainless steel, plastic- coated and plain, etc,; rigging products covering hand - braided - and - inserted slings, aluminum alloy shrink - ring crimp slings, etc.; fishing net products covering polyethylene fishing net, fishing lines and ropes, etc.; in addition, cotton, linen or chemical fiber ropes can be made to order. The above products can all meet the user' s requirement and production will be organized and the product delivered according to the specified length, quantity or special technical requirement.

              Commitment: The company's commitment is: there is no in case of contingency, only one hundred percent satisfaction. The guiding principle is: a realistic way of doing things, scientific innovation, the user' s need and the enterprise ' s orientation.The aim is: taking man as the foundation, management, being realistic, high quality, flourishing the business with science and technology, material object quality at a high level, adjustment of the structure, double - increase double - conservation and good beneficial result.

              Pursue: The company will follow the principle of customer first as ever, pursue first - rate services, first - rate management,first - rate quality and provide satisfactory Jiahua - brand series products and all - round quality services for the user.

              Add:No.158#,Chengshan RD.jiangyin,Jiangsu,China
              Tel:0086-510-86289771 86282771
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