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              Spin-Resistant & Nor-Rotating Ropes

              A normal general purpose rope under tensile load has a tendency to rotate along its axis(core) in the direction of un-laying itself. By modifying the way how individual wires or strands are laid around their cores, ropes can be designed and produced with minimized self-rotating tendency. These specially designed ropes are called rotation-resistant ropes or non-rotating ropes. Examples of rotation resistant ropes are some spiral strand ropes such as locked-coil ropes; Concentric ropes; Multi-(strand)-layer ropes; and Single ropes ( Mono-track Ropes).

              Multi-Layer Rotation Resistant Rope

              As suggested by its name, a multi-layer rope is produced by closing multi-layers of strands around its core (either steel strand core or fiber core). The excellent rotation resistance is obtained by laying each layer of strands in opposite direction around the core. Also, since the length of outer-most wires exposed to surface is relative short compared to round or spiral ropes, these wires do no protrude even when broken. With these qualities, Multi-layer rotation resistant ropes provide great advantages when used in dynamic applications, such as the hoist rope for cranes.

              Main applications

              As main hoist rope for cableways, cables, cranes

              As auxiliary hoist rope for cranes and other mechanical hoist

              As guy (supporting) line for crane booms, etc.

              Single Rope / Mono-Track Rope

              As buildings being built higher and higher, a need for high performance ropes along with development of tower cranes have become evident. Becoming more and more popular are single ropes with virtually no bird caging and still satisfying requirement of single part threading. There are many constructions of single ropes specifically designed for its application. Single ropes are widely used as main hoist ropes for tower cranes, truck cranes, deck cranes, and floating cranes. Due to excellent rotation resistant and ease of handling, single ropes are also popular as lead lines when laying a long length of power cables. Also with a strong resistance against deformation, single ropes are used in deep-sea observation.

              Main applications

              Hoist rope for one part threaded cranes

              Lead rope for power cable installation and logging cableway

              With equipment vulnerable to rope’s bird-caging or to projection of core.

              Others applications where high possibility of accident due to spinning of rope is evident

              Rope Type Profile along with Application

              Multi-Layer Ductile Rope

              18×7 (China Standard)

              Composition 12×(1+6)+6×(1+6)

              19×7 (China Standard)

              Composition 12×(1+6)+6×


              34×7 (China Standard) / Composition 17×(1+6)+11×(1+6)+6×(1+6)

              35×7 (China Standard) /

              Composition 17×(1+6)+11×


              18×P·S(19) (China Standard)

              Composition 12×



              19×P·S(19) (China Standard)




              35×7(WA) (China Standard)




              35×P·7(WA) (China Standard)




              Single Rope

              3×SeS(39) (China Standard)

              Composition 3×(9+15×15)

              4×24 (China Standard)

              Composition 4×(9+15)

              4×SeS(39) (China Standard)

              Composition 4×(9+15+15)


              ▼ Manufacturing Process

              ▼ We are a pround leader at the helm of the world

              20 years of quality assurance, advanced equipment and management, with worldwide competitiveness, exported to Europe and the United States and other countries around the world. Based on trust and a win-win partnership with our customers,the product has been welcomed by the world's major users and distributors.

              Wire rope is a multi-purpose product being used in numerous industries for power transmission, load tolerance, tensile purposes and many other applications. This product is utilized over a wide spectrum of industries including mine excavation, petroleum exploration and the fishing industry. Shipping equipment, machinery, aircraft, cranes, elevators, cable cars, and bridges also require our product.

              Known for not only its quality, but for its price and after-service, this product is being exported to over 60 nations.

              Based on trust and a win-win partnership with our customers, the product is ordered again and again by consumers and dealers.

              Jiahua has targeted high value-added products and special high-strength rope manufacturing in order to create new products. Most notably, Neptune rope, a wire rope used in petroleum excavation, has received international acclaim for its design, raw material selection, coating, and technology.

              In the future, Jiahua plans to further expand its specialized steel market, and target markets in developed nations, including the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia in order to move into specialized sectors of rope manufacturing.

              Add:No.158#,Chengshan RD.jiangyin,Jiangsu,China
              Tel:0086-510-86289771 86282771
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